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PANDUIT is a world leader providing high quality cable management solutions for telecommunications equipment rooms, data centers and premise wiring applications. As the demand for system performance increases, it becomes essential to protect and manage cables to maintain system reliability and scalability. PANDUIT continues to provide innovative products that create the ultimate solution for managing, protecting and showcasing your network for the lowest cost of ownership. Modular design and compatibility with all PAN-NET products provides an aesthetically pleasing solution and the flexibility to facilitate system upgrades now and in the future. PANDUIT provides all the options necessary to support the most demanding copper and fiber installations.


  • 4 Post

PATCHRUNNER Vertical Cable Management Rack System

PATCHRUNNER Vertical Cable Management Rack System manages high density network equipment and patch panels in up to half the number of racks required by traditional cable management systems.
    Panduit PatchRunner
  • Curved cable management fingers support cables as they transition to the vertical pathway eliminating the need for horizontal managers
  • Fingers align with rack spaces simplifying cable routing
  • Large finger openings accommodate up to 48 Category 6 cables
  • Individual fingers can be removed without the use of a tool for routing of large cable bundles
  • Slack management spools organize and manage patch cord slack allowing standardization of patch cords
  • Angled patch panels promote proper bend radius control
  • Rugged full-length dual hinged doors open 180° for complete access to pathway

PATCHRUNNER Solution Benefits

Reduce real estate costs with innovative patented angled modular patch panels and space saving vertical cable managers. These products work together to provide up to quadruple the density, reducing costs in data centers and telecommunications rooms.

  • Angled high density modular patch panels provide 48 ports in one rack space
  • Bend radius fingers on vertical cable managers eliminate the need for horizontal cable managers Ensure network reliability with a complete solution that protects cables from strain, maintains data integrity, and delivers reliable network performance.
  • Angled modular patch panel design promotes proper bend radius of patch cords as they are routed into the vertical pathway
  • Bend radius fingers on vertical cable managers support the cables as they transition to the vertical pathway to ensure data integrity

Achieve flexible system design with angled modular patch panels and adaptable vertical cable managers.

  • Modular patch panels accept MINI-COM Copper, Fiber, and Coax Modules providing complete modularity for mixed media applications and future upgrades
  • Slack management spools on vertical cable managers can be repositioned to organize and manage cables providing maximum design flexibility
  • Inter-rack pathways can be positioned at the top and/or bottom of the rack minimizing the need to route cables under the floor or overhead

Traditional vs. High-Density

To illustrate the type of savings that can be achieved in a 960-port application, a comparison of a traditional vs. high-density cable management solution demonstrates a more efficient use of space and the cost savings realized.

Reduce System Layout Width by 36%

Traditional LayoutQty.Width (In.)Width (mm)High-Density LayoutQty.Width (In.)Width (mm)
Standard EIA channel racks420.31515.8Standard EIA channel racks220.31515.8
4'' vertical managers24.24107.7PRV12 vertical managers112304.8
6'' vertical managers35.87149.1PRV8 vertical managers28203.2
2 RU horizontal managers20N/AN/APRD12 hinged doors1N/AN/A
CPP48WBL 48-port modular patch panels20N/AN/APRD8 hinged doors2N/AN/A
    CPPLA48WBL 48-port angled modular
patch panels
Total (not including jack modules) 49 107.3 2725.9 Total (not including jack modules) 28 68.6 1742.4


NETRUNNER Vertical Cable Management Rack System

NETRUNNER Vertical Cable Management Rack System provides a medium density solution that manages, protects, and showcases network cabling in telecommunication rooms and data centers.
  • Bend radius fingers align with rack spaces to support cables as they transition to the vertical pathway
  • Large finger openings accommodate up to 24 Category 6 cables
  • Dual hinged covers open 110° to the left or right to provide complete access to the cables inside the vertical pathway
  • Integral cable retainers on the end of each finger help contain cables within each rack unit
  • Snap-on cable retainers can be placed on fingers to help retain cables in channel during installation and maintenance
Standard EIA Rack System
  • Grounding washers provide a fully bonded structure to simplify the grounding process
  • Printed rack space identification allows quick and easy location of printed rack mounted equipment
  • UL listed for 1000 lbs. load rating to accommodate large networking equipment


NETFRAME Cable Management Rack System

NETFRAME Cable Management Rack System supports heavy-duty applications utilizing an extra wide channel design to provide vertical pathways for convenient routing of cables within the frame footprint.
  • Patented cable management rack is UL listed for 1500 lbs. load rating to accommodate large networking equipment
  • Vertical cable management options for mid-to-high-density cabling applications are simple to install and can be configured to meet individual needs
  • Fully bonded structure with a single point ground contact simplifies the grounding process
  • Rack features 19'' or 23'' EIA mounting
  • Pass through holes on front and side of channels provide convenient patching from front to back or between racks
  • Full length dual and single hinged doors provide an aesthetic finish and easy access to the vertical pathway
  • 6'' deep vertical channel with unequal flange design provides access to cable pathway
  • Top channel provides pathway for cable or ladder rack up to 18'' wide

4 Post

4 Post Rack System

4 Post Rack System supports deep networking equipment. The rack combines the stability of a cabinet with the accessibility of an open rack to provide maximum flexibility.
  • Front and rear equipment mounting rails can be adjusted after the rack is secured to the floor
  • UL listed for 2000 lbs. load rating to accommodate large networking equipment
  • Open frame provides easy access and improved heat dissipation
  • Rear rail design provides clear ventilation path for side ventilated switches
  • Printed rack space identification on equipment mounting rails
  • Fully bonded structure with a single point ground contact simplifies the grounding process
  • PATCHRUNNER and NETRUNNER Vertical Cable Managers mount directly to any of the corner posts
  • Optional top trough with waterfall creates pathway above rack

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